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Natural products to enhance livestock health, correct mineral deficiencies and help control problem insects and parasites.
Ag consulting services as well as a large selection of natural and organic products and information and guidance on their use.
A range of products to help landscapers achieve client goals for beautiful plants and sustainable practices.


Earthwise Organics has supplied farmers, ranchers, gardeners, and landscapers with sustainable and/or organic products, services, and consulting for 17 years.


Reminder - all Texas ag/timber exemption numbers expired on

December  31, 2015

Please send your updated certificate to us for our records.


              Neem Pro EC

        (EMULSIFIED Neem Oil)

Cold- pressed Neem Oil - made easier to use!

Pre-emulsified; mix with water and it's ready to apply.

Makes clean up easier as well.

A great organic pesticide!