Be an Angel

We have a Salvation Army Christmas Angel Tree at our office in Harlingen.

It’s easy!  Come by and pick up an angel, buy $50 worth of gifts (clothes plus 1 toy) for the child listed on the “Angel Card”,

Return gifts to Salvation Army or our office!  Call us for more info!

  • SOIL Plants People

    SOIL: Nutrient storehouse and dispensary, beneficial microbe incubator, carbon sink - a healthy soil is a resource worth cultivating!

  • SOIL Plants People

    PLANTS: Healthy plants sustain the vigor of both people and animals. The most healthful, nutritionally complete plants are grown in minerally balanced, biologically maintained soils.

  • SOIL Plants People

    PEOPLE: Relationships matter! Naturally balanced nutrition from healthy, vibrant plants and animals is the starting point for human health.


Acres USA

Conference coming up in December. This year it's in Omaha!

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Clearance Sale

Browse through discounted and reduced-price items.

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We offer a large selection of natural and organic products and information and guidance on their use.

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Tax Exemption Forms

Tax exemption forms are available for download right here on our website.

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Short answers to commonly asked questions - with links for further exploration

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Topsoils and Mulches

We sell some bulk topsoils and mulches in some limited locations.

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Compost – The Series, part 1

This is the first part of our original series …

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Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch

I moved to Texas from the midwest back in …

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